Oct 08

’68 Homefront’ #2 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

68 HomefrontWritten by: Mark Kidwell

Artwork by: Kyle Charles

Lettering by: Tom B. Long

Colors by: Jay Fotos

“’68 Homefront” is a title that takes place in 1968 during the Vietnam War. It is a four part mini-series which is part of a bigger “Universe” where the dead come back to life. The setting for this issue is the town of Harbinger, Pennsylvania.

When you open the book it is sub-titled, “Peece and Love.” Which is the surnames of two of the main characters in the story.

Issue two starts right after issue one ends, with zombies attacking Harbinger, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1968.  At the center of the story is Johnny Love and Jenny Peece, Two lovers trying to figure out there future together. Johnny announces he is going to Vietnam before Jenny can tell him she is pregnant (which he deduces a few minutes later).

Meanwhile Sue and Shelly make it to the high school for what is supposed to be a pep rally. They tell Sue’s boyfriend about Johnny pulling a knife on them when they dropped off Jenny. He talks about going after Johnny when they hear a shotgun when Cathy comes running out of the woods in only her underwear. She is being chased by the zombies.

This book is beautifully drawn and written. However the story seems to lack a little at times. I believe that the “Peece and Love” storyline was only two issues of this four part series and the next two issues will be a different story. They could have easily made this arc the full four issues and it would have been great.

Even with its faults though this comic is worth adding to your collection. Have you read this issue or any of the books from the ’68 line? Let us know what you think of it/them in the comments below.

Image Comics provided Geek Life Entertainment with a FREE copy for review