Aug 18

A Batman Wedding

This past weekend (August 16th to be exact) a friend of mine that I have known since high school got married. It was a grand event that had such notable guests as The Flash, The Joker, Zatanna, and Elvis. Of course the groom was none other than Batman.

The ceremony was great, I mean how often can you say, “I saw Elvis marry Batman?” Then when the person next to you says, “Elvis married Batman?” and gives you a quizzical look you say, “I mean Elvis officiated a marriage between Batman and a woman.”

Below are some images of the ceremony that Matthew (who also went to school with Joe, the groom) took while there.

Note: I could not find a solo picture of The Flash anywhere but when I do I will add it.

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  • Mike R.

    This looks like it was a nice wedding. You guys should difinetly get the girl that looks like a pinup model to do a shoot for you.