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Anime Review – Sword Art Online

Sword Art OnlineSword Art Online is an anime that debut in 2012 in Japan and was produced by A-1 Pictures. In America, it premiered in 2013 through AniPlex. The series revolves around a VRMMORPG(Virtual Reality Multiplayer Massive Online Role Play Game) of the same name, where the player is fully immersed, with all 5 senses, into the world of Aincraid, which is where this game takes place. This world is a floating city, and in it, there are 100 floors. Each floor has a dungeon, and a boss. Once you beat that boss, the next Floor is unlocked to all players. The object of the game is to reach the very top, Floor 100, and beat the game. But there is a catch…

This show revolves around a young man who goes by the screen name Kirito. In the beta version of Sword Art Online, Kirito was one of 1000 beta testers. The anime starts on the release day of the full version of Sword Art Online. Kirito logs on as soon as the servers open, and begins showing a new player Klien, some of the basics. After a while, they make friends and Klien decides to log off to get his pizza he delivered. Here in lies the problem.

Imagine this. You’re playing a game. You get tired. You open the main menu to log off…but there is no log off button. There is no exit button. There is no way to leave the game.

While Kirito and Klien try to figure out the problem, they are teleported to the very beginning of the game, with every other player currently in the game. In their confusion, a hooded figure appears in front of the crowd, and reveals that this is not an error. This is not a bug. This is not an event. The log off button was not meant to be there in the final version.

Here comes that catch I was talking about. This hooded figure also reveals that there is only one way to exit the game. Beat all 100 floors. You will not respawn if you die in game. Instead, the VR hardware will malfunction, and fry your brain, killing you in real life. You now have 2 options. Give up and eventually be killed…or fight, and win the game.

This anime is beautifully animated, and has a great story line. Kirito is a strong main character, even if at times, the anime get slightly “herem-ish”. There are a few week moments where the anime isn’t completely on track, or wavers from the main objective, but for the most part, this 25 episode anime is a great watch. It has a little of everything. Action, adventure, comedy, romance, suspense, even death and darkness.

While I understand it being very similar to other animes (.//hack, Log Horizon, etc), this show’s story line and objective are pretty different. This anime is on Netlix currently (June 2015). There is also a second series to this franchise. I will be watching and reviewing Sword Art Online 2 as soon as possible.

If you liked this review, let us know. We will be doing more anime related articles in the near future.

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  • Excellent review. Definitely want to check this anime out eventually, it sounds good.

  • Jesse Stipek

    SAO is one of my favorites – great review!

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