Sep 27

‘Celflux Volume 1: Reluctant Heroes’ – Review *Spoilers May Be Contained*

Last night I discovered a comic book online called “Celflux.” It was created, written, and drawn by Everard J. McBain Jr. The first issue which is available through DriveThruComics is an introduction to the world where the story takes place and to see the characters who will, I presume, become the main people in the comic series.


The comic takes place on the planet New Genesia, a planet that was almost destroyed after a war lasting 100 years. After the devastating Battle of Omicion the six realms of the planet decided a peace treaty was in order, and so the war ended and stability arose within the planet making it a Utopian existence for all.

The comic starts with Dr. Louis De Planq sacrificing his life and the lives of several other rebels to a super powered woman named Genocyde who works for the Keepers, the six individuals from the planets realms who keep peace on the planet. After Genocyde goes back to teh Keepers she is berated for not keeping the Dr alive and is given the task of finding out what information the Doctor had stolen anda what the rebels know and will do with it.

Meanwhile six people awaken in an undisclosed room. None of them knowing how they got there or how long they had been there. They realize they are each from the six realms of New Genesia and they should try to figure out how they got there.

The book then skips to Okira, one of the six who awoke in the room, outside her village. Two weeks have elapsed and we find out she is a Priestess. As she and her little sister walk home they are attacked by an animal (a tiger like creature that reminded me Battle Cat from He-Man). Okira uses a power that she didn’t know she had to heal the attacking creature and then passes out.

Overall the series so far is okay. I am interested in seeing where it will go. The artwork is nice and Everard McBain Jr is a talented artist.

  • Mike R.

    I just checked out what they have up in their site. It is great, a high quality look with an alright story. Cannot wait until the next issue.

  • Thanks @James for stopping by and checking out the book, and for taking the time to do this review. My wife and I really appreciate it and we’re glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks also @Mike for taking the time to check it out. We’re hoping that others would hear about it and check it out as well, and your review will help in that regard.

    Thanks again.

    • James

      No problem. I look forward to the upcoming issues.