Dec 10

‘Charmed: Season 10’ – Review

Charmed 10 3Writer: Pat Shand
Artwork: Elisa Feliz
Colors: Valentina Cuomo
Letters: Christy Sawyer
Editor: Paul Ruditis
Cover Art: David Seidman

The third issue into the new season of “Charmed” is a little bit of a slow read. The book involves a lot of cats from a new witch that Paige is a Whitelighter for. It also has Leo and Cole at a neutral magic school talking to the principal.

After I put the book down I started hoping that next months issue has a little more action in it, but I will stick with the new season a few more issues to give it a chance.

Although I am normally a huge fan of the artwork in Zenescope comics I was a little disappointed in the artwork here. The characters didn’t look much like their TV counterparts and the only reason I knew which Halliwell sister was which was because they said their names.

Overall I was not happy with this book, however I plan however I am hoping it gets better as the season progresses.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment.