Feb 25

‘Chew’ #46 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

STK663733Chew” is a comic published by Image Comics, written by John Layman, and has the artwork done by Rob Guillory. This issue is subtitled “Blood Puddin” it is part one of a five part story arc.

I have to admit this is the first issue from this comic series I have read. It has me wondering if perhaps I should go read the back issues to find out a little more about what happened previously in the series.

The main character is a detective for the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) named Tony Chu. In this issue he and his new partner D-Bear investigate a case where Raymond Reece, a candy maker who can make his creation become fully functional machines. He made a gummi tank and jawbreaker cannon which destroyed a few city blocks.  As well as caused several billion dollars in damage.

Chu does what he does by taking a bite out of the “perp” to find out what happened. Chu discovers that Reece was hypnotized by his boss to wreak havoc on the city.

“Chew” is a series worth checking out. I suggest maybe starting from teh beginning of the series so you get the full background of the characters but even if you don’t it this issue is worth a read. The best part, in my opinion of this series is that it is a little fucked up.

The “good guy” bites into people to find out what has happened. Like I said a little fucked up but worth checking out. And not only is the story good but the artwork is awesome as well.

Image Comics provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment

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