Feb 24

‘Chuck Versus the Helicopter’ – Review

Chuck Promo

“Chuck Versus the Helicopter” is the second episode of season one. In this episode Chuck (Zachary Levi) is visited by Dr. Zarnow (John Fleck) to see if they can remove the intersect out of him. After the initial testing  Zarnow is blown up in a car bomb.

The next day Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) examine the wreckage, Sarah finds the remains of an NSA Incinerator at the scene. She believes that Casey is responsible for the explosion, meanwhile Casey believes that Sarah is responsible for Zarnow’s death. Both Sarah and Casey tell Chuck to stay away from the other one.

After Sarah tells Chuck to be careful near Casey he is sent on an install for the Nerd Herd. He is chased by Casey, the person who actually called in the Nerd Herd install, thinking Casey is the killer of Zarnow Chuck tries to stay away, however he is caught. Chuck is convinced that Sarah is the killer after another NSA Incinerator blows up in Casey’s car almost killing them both.

Chuck rushes home followed by Casey, because Sarah is there for dinner with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), Devon (Ryan McPartlin), and Morgan (Joshua Gomez). After setting the dessert Sarah made on fire, Chuck and Sarah have a short chat in the bathroom where they both realize that neither Casey or Sarah are the killers.

Sarah leaves followed by Chuck and Casey. When Casey and Chuck get outside they hear Sarah scream and see Zarnow kidnapping her. Zarnow shoots Casey with a tranq gun before leaving.

Casey and Chuck find Sarah and Zarnow. Chuck is taken prisoner by Zarnow, wanting the Intersect secrets for himself. He takes Chuck to a helicopter where Chuck accidentally tranqs the pilot and knocks Zarnow unconscious making it so he has to try to land the helicopter, which he does with Sarah talking him through it.

While this episode isn’t one of my favourites it reveals a lot about how the “team” is thrown together and still working out the kinks of the partnership. With Sarah and Casey not trusting each other making it an uneasy alliance between the two of them.


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