Dec 28

‘Chuck Versus the Intersect’ – Review

Chuck Promo

Recently I started re-watching the NBC series “Chuck” starring Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin. This show is easily in my top ten favorite shows of all time. As I re-watch the episodes I will be reviewing some of my personal favorite episodes in the series. First up is the pilot titled “Chuck Versus the Intersect.”

The episode begins with Chuck (Zachary Levi) and his best friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) trying to escape out of his bedroom window so he didn’t have to go to his birthday party planned by his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster). They are interrupted by Ellie who tells Chuck to go to his party.

As Chuck mingles among the party dwellers (friends of his sisters) we find out he used to be a student at Stanford University and he was friends with a guy named Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), whom Chuck thinks is an accountant. Meanwhile we see Bryce downloading files from a computer in a government facility the trying to escape with his life. He manages to get out of the facility but is shot by Major John Casey (Adam Baldwin), an NSA Agent. Before Bryce dies he sends an email to Chuck.

After the party Chuck receives the email and opens it, he is inundated by images and after all the images are done Chuck passes out on his floor until he is awakened by Morgan. While he gets ready for work he “remembers” information after hearing a news report about traffic on the highway.

While he is at work he also “remembers” something he catches on a news report at the Buy More (the place he works as a Nerd Herder), while talking to the other Nerd Herd members about a new computer virus that has been hitting computers.

Later in the day Chuck meets Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), a CIA Agent, when she comes in to get her phone fixed at the Nerd Herd desk.

He leaves her at the desk for a minute so he can help another customer and when he returns she is gone, but she left a card so he could call her. He opts not to call her even though Morgan tells him he should. When Chuck and Morgan arrive at Chuck’s house that night they find someone clad in black trying to steal Chuck’s computer, which gets damaged in the ensuing altercation.

The next day Sarah shows back up at the Buy More saying she thinks her phone is broken again because she hasn’t been receiving calls because she got one from him. Sarah then asks Chuck if she will show him around town because she just moved there, Morgan who was listening in the background tells her Chuck isn’t busy and Chuck agrees.

Chuck meets Sarah at her place later that night so they can go out. They start by having dinner at a restaurant, then go to a club to listen to some music. While at the club Sarah sees some of Casey’s men show up to get Chuck so she takes Chuck out to the dance floor and begins dancing. During the dance she takes out Casey’s men without Chuck knowing then grabs him by the hand and pulls him out of the club.

Sarah and Chuck at the Club

Sarah gets Chuck in his Nerd Herder, the car he drives for work, and they try to outrun Casey who is chasing them. Casey finally catches up to them on the roof of a building where Chuck and Sarah are waiting for an extraction. While on the roof Chuck “remembers” something about a General being in danger from a bomb that night.

It is revealed to Chuck that the images were loaded with Government secrets from a computer called the Intersect which was now in him. Chuck freaks out a little but they eventually go to the conference room where the General is giving a speech and Chuck stops the bomb from blowing up by using the computer virus he was telling the other Nerd Herd members about earlier in the show.

When Chuck “remembers” something from the Intersect he calls them flashes.

This episode was funny and it is the episode that hooked me on the series. If you have never seen the show you should definitely check it out and let us know in the comment section below what you thought of it.