Nov 11

Coast City Comicon – Saturday Overview

Mort Todd and Rachel Deering
Saturday (November 9, 2013) Matthew, Chris, and I went to Coast City Comicon in Portland, Maine. We got there a little after 10am, which is when the doors opened, and perused the two rooms with vendors and artists. Around 11am I went to the Monhegan Room where Mort Todd and Rachel Deering talked about horror in comics.

During the panel Mort and Rachel talked about the books they have worked on as well as the stuff they are currently working on. They both talked about their favorite past and current writers in the horror genre. It was a great panel and I wish the camera I had, had captured more than just 10 minutes of it, but I will be putting what I do have up in the next day or two.

From 3pm – 4 I checked out the panel done by the “Escape From Jesus Island” crew called Methods of Murder: How to Kill in Comics. The panel featured Mortimer Glum, Shawn French, and Peeter Parkker talking about their methods of working on a page for comics and how they get people to direct their eyes to specific areas of a page. Mortimer also showed how he plans out the drawing of a panel he works on.

At 5 was the costume contest (which we got some footage of). There were some terrific costumes on display during the contest as well as at the convention itself.

The last panel we saw featured a screening of the 1980’s film “Savage Streets” and was followed by a Q&A with some of the cast members at the con. We will be putting up the footage we got of the Q&A within the week, I hope.

Overall this convention was enjoyable, I see myself going there every year for as long as it happens.