Oct 14

‘Cutter’ #3 – Review

Cutter 3 CoverWritten by: Robert Napton & Seamus Kevin Fahey
Artwork by: Christian DiBari
Lettering by: Troy Peteri
Cover Art by: Christian DiBari & Michael Spicer
Edited by: Betsy Gonia
Design by: Addison Duke

“Cutter” #3 is the third issue of this weekly horror series from Minotaur Press/Top Cow Productions. I started this series when it began this month and the first issue didn’t really “hook” me but I decided to give it a chance for another few issues.

I am glad I did because this has become a great book.The artwork gives it the look of a horror story. The writing itself is good also, while the first issue was “jumpy” (as someone else on the site stated) the story seems to be more focused now.

All in all this series is worth getting. While the first issue isn’t the greatest, the previous two issues (#’s 2 and 3) have more then made up for it. Not only is it a horror, but in my mind anyway is also a mystery. Because I wonder if Emily is really The Cutter? Or even dead? Or if it is her sister taking revenge after she found out some info.

If you check out this book let us know what you think about it in the comments below. It goes on sale 10/15/2014.

Image Comics provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment