Sep 04

‘Death of Wolverine’ #1 – Review *Spoilers*

Death of Wolverine

Yesterday the first issue of the four part mini-series titled “Death of Wolverine” hit the shelves. I have been waiting for this to start since I first heard about it months ago, so as soon as I got a chance to check it out I did.

The issue starts with a flashback of Wolverine talking to Reed Richards about his healing factor and the possibility of getting it back. Reed tells him that he may be able to help but it could take awhile before he is able to get something to work and in the meantime Logan should take it easy, go somewhere that he won’t get into fights or need to use his claws which puts bacteria into his system every time he retracts them.

Death of Wolverine Page

If the above page is any indication of the action that will be involved in these issues then the mini-series will be nothing short of awesome. The story is fast paced with a bit of action taking place. The image above shows the start of the a fight between Logan and Nuke which ends with Wolverine beating the shit out of Nuke before telling him, “First, spread the word. Tell every son of a bitch thrill-killer I ain’t no damned prize. Come after me, you die. Kill anyone trying to get to me, you die. You’re the last guy I let walk away. EVER. Make sure they understand. All of them.”

Logan also finds out that the person who put the contract out on him is Viper.

This was a great start to the series and I eagerly await the rest of the issues. Also included in this first issue is some “behind-the-scenes” stuff such as renderings of some of the pages as the comic was being made.

If you haven’t read this issue yet check it out and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.