Sep 13

‘Death of Wolverine’ #2 – Review *Spoilers*

Death of Wolverine 2

This issue starts with Logan, who has altered his appearance so that people do not recognize him, in a bar/club in Madripoor. A lackey (Koro) for the “Emerald Queen” comes to him to see what he has for sale. Logan shows him the Mark IX Iron Man helmet. After Koro checks to see if the helmet is legit they leave the bar/club.

Koro takes Logan to Viper with the merchandise, when Koro gets there he is berated by Viper for not recognizing the man as Logan. Some of Viper’s men then attack Logan who easily dispatches them, afterwards Viper sends Sabretooth (who she is controlling and has chained to her). After a quick fight Sabretoth runs off, Viper is gone but Kitty Pryde is beside Logan and they head to Japan.

Kitty helps Wolverine

This issue was not as good as the first in my opinion. There was only a little action and other than finding out that Viper was carrying out a contract to get Wolverine nothing new was found out. Though I have to admit the look of Logan was kind of neat, I did not realize it was supposed to be him when I first saw the image.

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  • Mike R.

    The first issue was indeed better but I think this one allowed the plot to progress a little more. Giving the reader information they would not have necessarily had if it had been another action packed issue.