Jul 13

‘Escape From Jesus Island’ #3 Review – May Contain Spoilers

Episode 3 Cover

Episode 3 Cover

Written by: Shawn French

Illustrations: Mortimer Glum

Editor: Shawn Greenleaf

Lettering: Peeter Parkker

Publisher: Wisdumb Productions

Story so far: The ReGen Corporation has succeeded in cloning Jesus at a research facility on Malsum Island. However the cloned Jesus is not the only inhabitant, also on the island are the failed experiments/incarnation ReGen made while trying to duplicate the Savior.

The Pope, upon learning of this facility and the cloned Jesus sends the Vatican’s Black Ops force to the island to secure the Christ clone. However once the Ops team lands things go bad for them.

This issue: The Vatican Black Ops team infiltrates the research building for ReGen on Malsum Island and discover files about Jesus and Damien. They decide to take the files and leave to meet with their back-up which should be arriving soon before going back in to kidnap Jesus.

However their break-in is discovered and the Black Ops team has to deal with Damien and his followers

Thoughts: This is a dialogue heavy issue (which I personally don’t mind), however it gives the reader information that is needed for as the story progresses. The artwork throughout the story and action sequences are superb as always.

A few years ago when I first heard about this story I assumed that there would eventually be a clear cut good guy versus bad guy, with the Vatican being the former. But as I have read this it is left, in my opinion, ambiguous so that the reader can decide who is right and who is wrong.

I have lent out the previous two issues and a friend of mine told me when giving it back, “I don’t know why the Pope just doesn’t have his team go in there guns blazing and mow all those fuckers down to rescue Jesus!”

Whereas I am, right now anyway, rooting for Damien.  He is just protecting his home from all the  people who keep landing on the island who want to see the “freaks” or whatever they show up to do. I liken Damien to a homeowner who has a gun fending off a burglar. Only Damien’s “guns” are mutated clones that live with him and worship him.

Should you pick up a copy of this book? Fuck yes! It goes on sale July 15th and it can be purchased from the Escape From Jesus Island guys directly at http://escapefromjesusisland.bigcartel.com for $3.99.

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Wisdumb Productions provided a copy of the issue to Geek Life Entertainment.