Dec 18

‘Escape From Jesus Island’ A Monster Hit Before it is Even Released

Escape From Jesus Island #1 Phantom Variant Cover

Escape From Jesus Island #1 Phantom Variant Cover

Two days from today, December 20th 2013, the independent comic series “Escape From Jesus Island” makes its debut in a limited released at selected stores in the United States and United Kingdom that carry Phantom Variants. For those that are unaware Phantom Variants are special releases of comic books with a limited alternate cover from the wide release version.

Already the book is “flying off the shelves,” at least virtually, with pre-orders selling out quickly. Graham Cracker Comics had pre-orders sell out 5 times on their website and Third-Eye Comics has sold several on their ebay store with only a few copies left until they are sold out.

If the online activity for the past few days is any indication of the popularity of this comic then I see it selling out at Brick and Mortar stores just as fast.

Like all hits of various genres and media, “Escape From Jesus Island” has also been pirated already. If the seeder/leecher ratio of some popular torrent sites are to be believed then I would not be surprised if the downloads are not into the thousands already. Will the torrent have negative impacts on the releases of the comic book? I for one hope the hell not because this is one series I am looking forward to seeing all of.

  • Mike R.

    Why would you guys let people knowthat you can torrent the comic if you are big supporters of the Jesus Island people?

    • We do support the crew at Wisdumb Productions and “Escape From Jesus Island.” We mentioned that it was being pirated because it helps show the popularity of the title even before it is released in any capacity.

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