Dec 10

‘Escape From Jesus Island’ Act One, Issue One: A Great Introduction


The other day I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the digital version of “Escape From Jesus Island” a comic book created by Shawn French. Not only did he come up with the concept but he wrote the story, the artwork in was done by Mortimer Glum, the lettering was done by Peeter Parkker, and the editor of the book is Shawn Greenleaf.

Act 1, Issue 1 is an introduction to the ReGen Corporation’s facility on Malsum Island. The issue starts with some members of STAB (Stop Treating Animals Badly), an animal rights group, going to the facility to document the harsh treatment of cloned animals.

Escape From Jesus Island #1 Phantom Variant Cover

Escape From Jesus Island #1 Phantom Variant Cover

The group explores the facility’s subterranean tunnels, looking for an entrance to one of the labs. What they find, however, is something totally different and unexpected.

This issue was a great way to introduce ReGen’s Malsum Island Research Facility and some back story to ReGen’s experiments with cloning. There are also brief introductions to a few of the island’s inhabitants.

Mortimer Glum’s artwork in the book is excellent, and I could easily see many of the panels becoming posters. The detail in the images whether it be a tattoo on a arm or veins/tendons showing when a character is grabbing or reaching for something is amazing.

So far in the series the writing has been great and you can envision it as dialogue in a Rated R film (which is what “Escape From Jesus Island” was originally intended to be when Shawn French first came up with the idea).

With the great work being done by all involved there is some bad news,  some people will not give this comic a chance because of the subject matter/characters. I have been telling friends and acquaintances alike about “Escape From Jesus Island” since I first heard about it, the ones that are religious/regular church goers look at me like I have seven heads (much like the character Pariah). I was asked by one person, “Why would you want to read something like that?” To which I replied, “Because it sounds like a great fucking story.”

This series is well worth a chance regardless of your feelings about the subject matter, who knows you could enjoy it. If you have a chance to get to a comic book store to purchase a copy of “Escape From Jesus Island” #1 you should definitely pick it up. The first issue arrives with a Phantom Variant cover to select stores on December 20th then the main release of the title will happen on January 20th, including digital formats.

With a cover price of $3.99 grab the book as soon as you can, I know I plan on trying to get a copy or three of the Phantom Variant cover if I can get to a store this month after it is released.

To find out more information about the series you can visit the “Escape From Jesus Island” website or Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from creator/writer Shawn French to review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.


  • Mike R.

    How can I find out what stores have the variant cover?

  • Hey Mike,
    To find a Phantom Retailer near you, use their Store Locator found on their website (here – If there is not one near you (like myself!), we will be posting a URL link on the EFJI Facebook page and website as soon as we have one!
    So, head on over to the EFJI website ( or Facebook page ( and “Like” or follow to keep in the know!
    -Shawn (EFJI Editor)

    • Mike R.

      Thank you, I will have to check to see if there is a place near me. This sounds like a good comic book.