May 14

‘Escape From Jesus Island’ Issue 2 – Review

Escape From Jesus Island Issue 2
On Friday (May 16th 2014) the Phantom Variant of “Escape From Jesus Island” Act I, Episode II will be released to select comic book stores nationwide. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the second issue and as with the first issue I was not disappointed.

The issue begins with a brief recap of issue one followed by a brief introduction from “Uncle Morty,” as he referred to himself in the beginning of the first issue.

We are then introduced to Anna and Cameron Thorne the people behind the ReGen Corporation in an interview from the pages of “The Nor’Eastern Medical Journal.”

After the article we see how ReGen gets the DNA that was used for the experiments on Malsum Island and the drive that Cameron and Anna had to clone Jesus succesfully. After her husband dies Anna begins to blames the clones for his death and becomes more ruthless and uncaring as the years pass.

The Vatican believes that Anna has successfully created a replica of Jesus, a clone of the one depicted in the gospel, which includes his powers of healing. It is this healing power that Pope Sidious wants to use and he dispatches a team of mercenaries to “rescue” the clone.

One of my favorite lines from the series so far is one of the Vatican agents, named Mary, comparing the Pope to a muppet as seen in the screenshot of a panel below.

Pope Muppet

And for reference here is a screenshot of the panel that shows what Pope Sidious looks like.

Pope Sidious

Without giving too much more of the book away I just have to say this is definitely worth getting. Between the story and the illustrations this is a work of art, the hardworking folks at Wisdumb Productions have brought a franchise to life that people will enjoy for years, I daresay it has the staying power of other great franchises. Franchises such as the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series, “Friday the 13th” series, “Hellraiser” series, and “Star Wars”.

Also at the end of the issue there is a contest you can enter and a pin-up of one of the characters in the series as drawn by Joseph Schmalke, the creator of “The Calamitous Black Devils“.

  • James

    I just got issue 1 recently and loved it. I will be getting #2 soon.

  • Mike R.

    I got #1 off ebay shortly after it got released and enjoyed it. I plan on getting a regular cover of #2 when it cmes out.

    • Mike R.

      Is there going to be another contest on this site for the new isue?