Jan 12

‘First Date’ the Broadway Musical – Review

First Date
At the behest of a friend or two I checked out the musical “First Date” starring Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez. This brought up a small problem for me however because “First Date” closed on January 5, 2014 and while you can get the soundtrack from Amazon they never released a copy of the play on DVD.

However thanks to modern technology and much, much searching on the internet I found the musical on YouTube split up in seven parts and watched it. The musical is a one act play which centers on Aaron (played by Zachary Levi) and Casey (played by Krysta Rodriguez) meeting each other at a restaurant for a blind date.

During the date the have conversations with the voices in their head while the other person is “frozen” until after the they are done with their inner dialogue.

This musical is great and it is a shame it didn’t stick around a little longer so more people could see it. The songs are good and the show itself is hilarious at times. When I watched it I was surprised that Zachary Levi had a good voice because before I viewed the play I never knew he sang but he does a great performance.

The songs range from upbeat, pop-ish songs to tearful ballads, like the song Aaron sings when he tells Casey about the letter he found from his mother after she passed away.

The ensemble is great also 5 people (other than Zach and Krysta) make up the rest of the cast playing numerous characters. The version of the show I saw was from when the show was in previews and it still had the Google song in it which was later cut.

I recommend checking out this show, though if you watch the video on YouTube there are spots where there is only audio and no image, presumably because that is when the ushers came around when the guy was recording the play.

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