Sep 24

‘Gotham’: Can It Live Up To the Hype? – Review *Spoilers*

One of the most anticipated new shows for this fall was the series “Gotham.” I was finally able to watch it earlier today and have to say the hype killed the show for me.

Going into the show I knew it was pre-Batman show, a show that focused on the GCPD instead of Bruce and I thought that was good. But then I watched it and was let down. I think the biggest reason the pilot was a let down for me was because of all teh characters they were trying to introduce at once, even if their screen time were only a few seconds.

At its heart “Gotham” is a cop procedural with names and the city taken directly from the Batman comics. The show did start with the case it should have though, the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. We then follow James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock as they search for the murderer.

During the course of the investigation we are given a short introduction to Edward Nygma, a coroner for GCPD, a man who likes talking in riddles. I am looking forward to seeing more Nygma in the upcoming episodes.

We are also introduced to Oswald Cobblepot, a young man with a penchant for wearing suits, who works for Fish Mooney. He enjoys violence and dreams of getting rid of Fish to become second in command to Carmine Falcone. Because he wears suits so often Fish Mooney’s hired hands nicknamed him Penguin, a name he despises.

Oswald tries to wrest the power of Fish Mooney from her when he “snitches” to GCPD that Fish helped GCPD plant evidence on the man they framed for the murders of the Waynes.

Because of this Carmine Falcone want Jim Gordon to kill Oswald to show his loyalty to the mob. So Harvey takes them both to the pier and tells him if he doesn’t kill Oswald then Harvey must kill them both. So Gordon walks Oswald to the end of the pier as he pleads for his life, when they get to the end Gordon tells Oswald to never come back to Gotham and fires off the gun beside his head while throwing him into the water.

This show while not living up to the hype in the pilot is not a bad show and given time I am sure it will be great, I will be watching it on a regular basis.