Jun 29

‘Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Coven’ #1 – Review

Coven 1 Cover AStory by:  Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco

Written by: Zach Calig

Artwork by: Diego Galindo

Colored by: Michael Bartolo

Lettered by: Charles Pritchett

Edited by: Nicole Glade

“Coven” is a new series by Zenescope Entertainment that hits the shelves Wednesday.  In it Baba Yaga returns to save a young witch of prophecy from the New Crusaders.

As the story begins to unfold we see a group of girls in the woods slaughtered by the New Crusaders, with only one saved from the massacre. Avril, the girl not killed, is taken away with the New Crusaders because she is told of in a prophecy.

After they leave Baba Yaga shows up looking for Avril and finds the coven dead. Two soldiers who had stayed in the area from the New Crusaders told Baba Yaga if she helped them with something she could get Avril back.

This is the beginning of what I feel will be a great story arc. We are only in the first issue and we have murder and betrayal already. This is a title worth picking up if you have a chance.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a copy of the issue to Geek Life Entertainment.

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