Feb 14

‘Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland’ #32 – Review

Cover A

Cover A

Written by Erica J Heflin

Art by Vincenzo Riccardi

Colors by Ben Sawyer

Letters by Christy Sawyer

Edited by Pat Shand



Callie Liddle is the White Queen. Now she cares for the realm that once existed to torment her family.  With the White Rabbit and a newly reformed Cheshire Cat by her side, she seeks to transform the tainted realm back to its original glory…but it will not be an easy task.


The Dark Cheshire was once a ruthless killer, corrupted by the madness of the Wonderland.  But now, under the rule of the White Queen, he attempts to atone for his past evil actions.  When judgment approaches, all Cheshires must answer the call of their kind.


This is the first comic I have read from Zenescope Entertainment and it seems to have been a good pick. While the story doesn’t deal too much with the White Queen, we are able to get inside the head of the Cheshire Cat as he goes to his home for judgement.

Cheshire goes home to the Dark Forest to visit his “family” and receive judgement for his past actions. Lord Cheshire says Cheshire is guilty and the punishment is a game of Cat and Mouse.

This is an issue worth getting, if you have never read a Zenescope comic before then you will not be displeased with your purchase.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment.