Jun 03

‘Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland’ #36 – Review

Wonderland 36Written by: Erica J Heflin

Artwork by: Manuel Preitano

Cover Art by: Jason Metcalf

“Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland” is one of the main titles from Zenescope Entertainment. In this issue we have part 4 of “The Well of Dreams” story arc.

Calie Liddle is the White Queen, the leader of Wonderland after defeating the Queen of Spades. She is trying to restore the land back to its former glory. With the aid of the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit she has begun doing just that.

The Terror, the incorporeal being the Queen and her entourage are after, has taken over the mind of the Cheshire. Trying to make the Cheshire kill the Queen by making think he has gone back to his evil ways. He is able to fend off the Terror though and after he fights him off the Queen invites the Terror into her mind and they begin to battle.

This was a good ending for this story arc. You believe the Queen has the upper hand until a surprise is revealed at the end of the issue.

When you go pick up this weeks comics at your local shop you should definitely pick up this title as well. If you are not a regular reader of “Wonderland” you may want to pick up the preceding 3 issues just so you have the whole arc to read.

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