Sep 30

‘Hack/Slash Son Of Samhain’ #4 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

We received a review copy of “Hack/Slash Son Of Samhain” #4 today from Image Comics and after reading it I have to say it is worth checking out.

This is the first issue of the title I have checked out (though I have read some of the other Hack/Slash runs over the years). The action and storytelling intrigued me to the point that I am going to get the previous three issues when I get a chance to read the beginning of the story.

The issue begins with Morinto talking about how monsters were pushed into being subservient species by humans causing them to take refuge underground. Morinto speaks about how he became a leader to start a revolution.

We then see Cassie (Hack) with Delroy and October going into one of Delroy’s weapon caches in the desert. After loading their gear from the weapons Delroy had hidden into the car they took off further into the desert to try to get to upperhand against the monsters.


However before they can the monsters come bursting from through the ground and a battle begins with Cassie, October, and Delroy facing off against the army. Do the monsters overtake Hack & Company? Or are they able to push the monsters back into hiding underground? These questions can be answered if you pick up the issue on October 1 from your nearest shop that sells comics.

While I am not a big fan of the look of the art in the book it is drawn well. The story though is what has me hooked, will the monsters be able to overcome their oppressors and come out of hiding? To be honest I am routing for the monsters right now.