Oct 05



Now you wouldn’t think that this movie would be something you see the Harry Potter alumni Daniel Radcliffe starring in. It isn’t a big budget crowd pleasing kid magnet that the Potter films seemed to be either. In all actuality I think this film is going to fly straight under the radar and directly into the cult classic bin. Do not get me wrong I in no means mean that as a bad thing. I mean it as a pure compliment. The film by no means is for children. We see Iggy (Daniel) drinking, smoking, and even buck naked banging his girlfriend. Which brings us back to the film itself.


The film starts off with Iggy reflecting on his relationship with the love of his life Merrin, played by the gorgeous Juno Temple. You quickly come to realize she has been murdered and Iggy is the prime suspect.

Did he or didn’t he do it? Does he have an evil inside him capable of such an act? And if so why would he do it? All of these questions get answered. But in order for him to get the answers he needs he first gets a little help from the devil himself. Granted we don’t ever see the devil but in the beginning of the movie Iggy tells the reporters that he should ask the devil to punish the person who really killed her. This may indicate he did a little praying because the next morning he wakes up and is introduced to his new found appendages the horns along with his new ability to not only have people tell him their deepest darkest secrets but they also do what he tells them. Needless to say he figures out who did it and comes to terms with what he has become in return.

I say this movie is a definite watch if you’re looking for something a little dark and fairly well written. It is a bit campy but hell who doesn’t like to go camping.