Feb 22

‘I, Frankenstein’ – Movie Review

I Frankenstein Poster
“I, Frankenstein” is a film based on a graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grevioux. The movie stars Aaron Eckhart as Adam/Frankenstein’s monster, Bill Nighy as Charles Wessex/Prince Naberius, Yvonne Strahovski as Terra Wade, Miranda Otto as Lenore, Jai Courtney as Gideon, and Kevin Grevioux as Dekar.

Dr. Frankenstein creates his monster then tries to destroy it, the monster becomes angry and kills the doctor’s wife. Angered the doctor chases the monster into the Arctic for revenge. Before he can exact his revenge the doctor dies, the monster then takes Dr. Frankenstein and buries him in his family plot.

While burying the doctor demons attack the monster. He kills some of them before being rescued by gargoyles. He is taken to Lenore, the queen of the gargoyles, where she tells the monster that the Archangel Michael created them to protect Humanity and battle demons. Lenore gives the monster a name, Adam.

Before Adam leaves the Gargoyle Order he is given a weapon that has the symbol of the gargoyles on it that will “descend” the demons back to Hell and trap them. The demons also try to “ascend” the gargoyles to Heaven and trap them.

The movie then fast forwards to present day and we learn that a demon prince by the name of Naberius is looking for Adam. He also has a scientist named Terra Wade trying to duplicate Dr. Frankenstein’s work to re-animate corpses and wants to use Adam to help unlock the secrets to the re-animation.

During a fight with demons a police officer is killed, but before he can be punished by the gargoyles the cathedral (the home base of the gargoyles) is attacked by the demons. Several gargoyles are “ascended” and Lenore is captured by Zuriel, one of Naberius’ top warriors. Gideon goes to where Lenore is being held to exchange her for Dr. Frankenstein’s journal, Adam follows Gideon. After the exchange Zuriel takes the journal to the Wessex Institute, with Adam not far behind.

Adam learns Naberius’ plans for the journal and steals it back. Does Naberius capture Adam? What happens to the journal? Is Terra able to re-animate corpses? To find out you will have to watch the movie because I do not want to give any more of it away.

I have yet to read the graphic novel so I am unsure how much the film deviates from the source material but the movie is good. Well worth the admission at the theatre to watch it. I was hoping Terra had a bigger part in the movie, perhaps seeing more between she and Adam, there was definite chemistry between the two characters that could have been explored further.

But overall the movie was pretty good and I recommend it to anyone interested in scifi/fantasy movies.

  • Yvonne Strahovski being in it is what made me want to check out the movie. If she isn’t in it a lot perhaps I will wait until it comes out on DVD or On Demand.

  • Film Aficionado

    It is worth seeing in the theatre even if she isn’t in it a lot. You should definitely check it out.

  • James

    I have not watched this yet, but I’ve read the comic. The comic was awesome and I plan on seeing this soon.