In Development

This page will show some of the projects we have in development that we hope to eventually get out to the public. Some of these we have been working on for a while, others are new projects we are just beginning to work on.

Failure to Commit – (Title subject to change) A short film approximately 45 – 60 minutes in length. Status: Script finished. Some storyboarding done.

Smooth – (Title subject to change) A short film which would be no longer then 30 minutes in length, inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Status: Script finished.

Geek Thrift – (Title subject to change) A web-series with episodes being around 10 minutes in length. Status: A few episodes scripted.

Scarlet – (Title subject to change) A comic book/graphic novel inspired by a short story written by Steven. Status: Several pages scripted, preliminary artwork was done. Re-write underway.

Geek Life: The Podcast – (Title subject to change) Audio podcast covering different topics. Status: Production beginning soon.

Random Thoughts – A video podcast. Status: In production.

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