Mar 15

‘Jorund: Honor Bound’ – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

Jorund CoverWriter: James Mulholland

Artist: Julio Falkenhagen

Colorist: Armand Jasmin

Letterer: Micah Myers

Cover Art: Roger Bonet Martinez and Sonia Moruno

Earlier today I read the graphic novel “Jorund: Honor Bound” by James Mulholland. The book is a good read.

It is about Jorund, a man who was born and raised in a village of warriors. Jorund however is a pacifist which makes him an outcast in both the village and his family. His father is so ashamed that before he died he would not acknowledge Jorund as his son.

After his father is killed in a fight Jorund’s mother wants him to kill the man who killed him. Jorund refuses (it is revealed that Jorund’s father was killed because he dishonored someone’s family by killing the son in a cowardly way). His mother is ashamed and berates Jorund.

Jorund leaves and talks with a friend by the river. Returning home he stands up to his mother then goes to his fathers monument for closure. When he goes back home he finds his brother has been slain, his mother tells him it was the man who killed his father who did it. Jorund goes after the man.

Does he kill the man, avenging his brothers death? Does something else happen along the way? To find out you should definitely pick up this comic and read it. It is a great read.

The artwork is good. It is kind of simplistic with not a lot of detail or shadow, but it lends itself well to the story. It reminds me almost of some of the illustrated bible tales I read when I went to Sunday School as a child.

James Mulholland provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment