Feb 15

‘Knights of Badassdom’ – Movie Review

Knights of Badassdom“Knights of Badassdom” is a film that was made a couple years ago and finally released at the end of January/beginning of February for theatre screening and on VOD. Written by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall the movie stars Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten, and Steve Zahn.

The film, which was made in 2010, was shelved for awhile before it was released this year. The film has changed also with footage being cut from the directors (Joe Lynch) edit before release. It is unknown whether the directors cut will be released at any time in the future.

The story follows Joe (played by Ryan Kwanten), who gets dumped by his girlfriend and upon returning to the home he shares with his friends Hung (played by Peter Dinklage) and Eric (played by Steve Zahn) gets a little high and passes out. While he is out Eric and Hung, who are LARPers take Joe with them to their LARP event. Joe reluctantly takes part in the event.

Eric, who is a wizard in the LARPing event, must use a summoning spell to allow Joe’s character play in the event. When he does it he reads a spell from a book he bought off ebay. What Eric doesn’t realize is really a spellbook and accidentally summons a succubus.

Now Joe, Eric, Hung, and Gwen (played by Summer Glau) must try to send the succubus back whence she came. Will they send her back to hell? Do the friends die a horrible, horrible death when the succubus comes after them?

When I first heard about the movie I was excited to check it out. When it finally arrived I ordered it from Amazon. I was a little disappointed by the movie, while it was a bit funny in spots I did not enjoy it as much as I hoped. But that is not to say it is a bad movie because it is not, nor is it a great movie.

Watching Peter Dinklage attack Ryan Kwanten with two LARPing swords as Ryan’s character was distracted by Summer Glau was great. So should you check out this film? Yeah check it out, but don’t buy it until you have rented it first because it is not a movie everyone will enjoy.