Oct 02

‘Madame Frankenstein’ #6 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

Madame Frankenstein 6

We received a review copy of “Madame Frankenstein” #6 from Image comics this week. I finally got a chance to read it a few minutes ago and have to say it is an intriguing book. I am just learning of this comic and found out that there is just one issue left of the serieswhich comes out in November.

“Madame Frankenstein” is a horror drama from Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens. This issue is a little hard to explain since I am coming into the story near the end. However it is well worth reading (though it may be beneficial to get the first 5 issues, which I plan on doing soon).

So I will leave you with an image from the issue and just say go check out this series, I do not believe you will be disappointed.

Madame Frankenstein 6 Page  5

Have you read the issue or series, how do you like it?

  • lee page

    I have read the whole series so far. This is an excellent comic book.