Jun 28

‘Maleficent’ – Review

So I finally saw the movie “Maleficent” and I kind of like what they were trying to do with it. It reminded me of what Gregory Maguire did with “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West,” take a villain and humanize her in a way so that you understand why she did what she did.

The film is about the fairy Maleficent. As a young fairy she cares for everything in her land, called the Moors, one day a human boy, by the name of Stefan, comes and tries stealing from the land but she makes sure his life is spared. Maleficent and Stefan become friends and begin to fall in love. However Stefan is ambitious and finds a way to become king. Which he does by using Maleficent’s feelings for him and cutting off her wings which he takes to the King who is dying. The King thinking Stefan slayed Maleficent bequeaths his kingdom to him.

Having her wings cut off makes Maleficent go fucking crazy. She turns her once beautiful home land into a dark place and makes herself queen of the Moors. She gives a crow human form and has him deliver news about what is going on in Stefan’s kingdom as she plots her revenge on him.

After some time passes she finds out about the christening of Princess Aurora, the daughter of Stefan and his queen. Maleficent goes to the celebration and curses Aurora saying when she turns 16 she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel causing her to fall in a deep sleep only to be awakened by true love’s kiss. Since Maleficent believes there is no such thing as true love, because of what happened between she and Stefan, she thinks Aurora will be cursed forever.

After Maleficent leaves the King has three fairies take Aurora somewhere safe to raise her until after her 16th and he has all the spinning wheels in the kingdom locked up. Maleficent finds where the fairies are hiding Aurora and secretly helps take care of her in hopes she will eventually succumb to the curse.

As the years go by Maleficent befriends Aurora and tries to revoke the curse, however it doesn’t work. On her 16th birthday Aurora finds out about the curse and Maleficent and runs away to the castle, needless to say she ends up in a coma because of a spinning wheel.

So Maleficent grabs Prince Philip, a guy whom Aurora meets and gets close to in the woods shortly before she runs away, thinking the Prince can awaken Aurora with true love’s kiss. The Prince gets in Aurora’s room but it doesn’t work. Maleficent who is devastated by this weeps and kisses Aurora which awakens her.

The ending of the film has a battle between Maleficent and Stefan with Aurora finding the former’s wings which are encased in glass. Aurora breaks the glass and the wings fly to Maleficent and magically reattach to her. After the battle is finished everyone lives happily ever after.

Overall I have to say the movie was good, it was worth seeing and if you have a chance to see a matinee of it go check it out. I like the way the story doesn’t focus so much on Aurora and puts it almost squarely on Maleficent, if Disney did it with some of its other Villains I would definitely check them out also.

If you have seen the movie let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.