Mar 11

‘Malevolents: Click, Click’ – Review

MalevolentsWritten by: Thom Burgess

Artwork by: Joe Becci

Early last week we received a review copy of “Malevolents: Click, Click” which was created and written by Thom Burgess.

The illustrations of this black and white tale lend a “spookiness” which, in my opinion, helps to set the tone of the story. It also builds the suspense like some of the great old horror movies of yesteryear. Joe Becci and Thom Burgess have created a book that is near perfect when reading it.

The plot follows some friends who go into a cursed/haunted house and they tell a story that happened before the comic book takes place. the story they share is about a guy who essentially goes crazy after staying the night in the room they were in, because of what he experienced in there.

This book is worth getting a copy of. You can buy it from the Big Cartel store Thom has up. Also keep an eye out because this seems to be the first book of an anthology and if each subsequent book is as good as the first then it will be an anthology worth collecting.


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