May 28

‘Mr. Robot’ Pilot Episode Released – Review

The USA Network officially released the pilot of its new series “Mr.Robot” on the internet, which can be watched on Youtube. This show is shaping its way to be the quality show we have come to expect from the network that has brought us such great shows like “Burn Notice”, “Psych”, “White Collar”, and “Suits.”

This TV show stars Rami Malek is Elliot (a tech/hacker with an anti-social disorder), Christian Slater is Mr. Robot, (an anarchist who gets Elliot to join an elite hacking group), and Portia Doubleday is Angela (a long time friend of Elliot’s).

Elliot works with Angela at a firm that specializes in keeping websites safe from hacker. However he suffers from an anti-social disorder that causes delusions and as a way to help himself through his problems he is a vigilante hacker, trying to protect the people closest to him in his own way (however misguided).

After a particularly nasty hack on a corporation that uses the firm Elliot works for, Elliot finds a dat file that hacker left for him as a test. After passing the “test” Elliot meets Mr. Robot who tries to get Elliot to help his group of hackers take down the corporation and erase debt. Elliot is torn between wanting to turn in the hackers and help erase 70% of the worlds debt.

I won’t spoil it by telling you which he picks, but you can tell that he is filled with turmoil during the time until he makes an actual decision.

The show has me hooked, sadly we have to wait a month for the next episode because the series doesn’t start until June 24th 2015 on the USA Network. That doesn’t keep me from wondering things about the characters, for example the direction of the show leads me to believe that Elliot and Mr. Robot are different personalities in the same person (kind of like the narrator and Tyler Durden in”Fight Club”).



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