Mar 07

‘Nailbiter Hack/Slash’ One-Shot – Review

NailbiterHackSlashOneShot_CoverNailbiterThe one-shot crossover of “Nailbiter” and “Hack/Slash” is actually comprised of two stories. The first is a story of Cassie first meeting Edward Charles Warren (the serial killer known as Nailbiter).

The story takes place at an amusement park in Buckaroo, Oregon (a town where many of its inhabitants become serial killers). Cassie and Vlad are enjoying the carnival while also looking for a serial killer named Mister Fatal.

Cassie meets Edward when he introduces himself after seeing Cassie stare at him (she thinks he might be the serial killer she is looking for). However it is revealed that Edward is researching the serial killer and they head to the Ferris Wheel which was said to be out of order but started moving.

That is when Mister Fatal knocks down Cassie and grabs Edward taking him to the top of the Ferris Wheel with the intention of throwing him off. Cassie arrives and after a fight Mister Fatal is the one that falls from the wheel, although they cannot find his body on the ground.

Edward, Cassie, and Vlad leave as friends. We follow Edward to his car where he has body in the trunk and it is revealed he is a serial killer.

NailbiterHackSlashOneShot_CoverHackSlashThe second story takes place some time later. Vlad and Cassie are called to Buckaroo by Edward, telling them that he believes Cassie’s mother is from the town. When they arrive at the Buckaroo Serial Killer Museum and Gift Shop they are told they have been stood up by Edward.

In his place is Pedro, one of the owners of the shop. He tells Cassie that they have found the grave of Cassie’s father who had been in town looking for information about Cassie’s mother. They meet at the place Pedro says is the grave.

But it is a trap Pedro reveals himself to be the serial killer named Lucha Eliminador and he tries to kill Cassie and Vlad. Cassie is, rightfully, a little pissed that Edward set her up to be killed. So she takes care of Lucha Eliminador and goes looking for Edward. She finds Edward getting arrested in Riverside as the Nailbiter.

The story is good. It is pretty much just a “Hack/Slash” comic with a couple appearances of Nailbiter. If you like the “Hack/Slash” series definitely pick it up. The second story will also make you want to check out the series “Nailbiter” since it shows Edward getting arrested. It makes you wonder what kind of serial killer is this guy that he is called Nailbiter?

I will most likely be checking out the “Nailbiter” series soon.

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