Mar 05

‘Nameless’ #2 – Review

Nameless02_CoverWORDS: Grant Morrison

ART: Chris Burnham

COLORS: Nathan Fairbairn

LETTERS: Simon Bowland


This issue starts where the previous one leaves off. Nameless and the others in the rocket land on the moon. Nameless learns from Mr. Darius that he is taking the place of the previous occultist in the moon base who has gone a little insane and is being jailed in a room by herself. On the walls she has written words in Enochian (the language of the Angels).

He is told the asteroid that is currently hurtling towards Earth is a chunk of Marduk or Planet 5. Marduk is the “lost planet” of our solar system, a place where Angels fought long ago until it destroyed the planet.

The inhabitants of the moon base believe the asteroid is a remnant of Marduk and it will destroy the Earth once it reaches it. So they figure out a plan to try to stop it.

Nameless and the others that arrived on the moon base with him did stay there long before leaving to attempt a landing on the asteroid.

This issue was pretty good and after just these first two issues I am kind of hooked on the series and am curious as to what will happen next in this occult/sci-fi piece of awesome. Definitely check it out if you get a chance.

Image Comics provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment