Feb 08

‘Nameless’ – Review

STK663825This past Wednesday (February 4, 2015) Image Comics released the first issue of the Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham collaboration entitled, “Nameless.” The comic has a post-apocalyptic/science fiction feel to it.

The main character who goes by the name, Nameless is an occult practitioner who gets recruited by a group of people trying to save the Earth (or at least some of its people) from the impending doom of an asteroid hurtling towards it.

There is also something that has happened on Earth so there are people that have heads like fish who are after Nameless.

This issue was a good introduction to the series I think, it reveals a little of the story and draws you in so you will follow the series to get the answers to you questions.

Like where did the fish head people? What do the symbols mean that Nameless sees? Does Nameless have an actual name?

You should definitely check out this comic if you are into science fiction stories and end of the world scenarios.

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