Apr 04

‘Need for Speed’ – Review

Need for Speed
A few weeks ago the film “Need for Speed” was released and I was finally able to check it out. As a fan of the games on the original PlayStation console I was interested to see how they would transfer it to the movies.

I have to say that unlike most racing movies this one seems to take place in a vehicle at least 75% of the time. Which is good for a movie based on a game involving cars but to me the movie felt a little long because of this. Clocking in at a bit over two hours was probably a little overkill on the parts of the people involved in the film.

Most of the actors in the film are not “big name” stars, the most recognizable people being Michael Keaton and Aaron Paul.

The movie revolves around Paul’s character Tobey Marshall who gets imprisoned for a vehicle based crime he did not commit. When he gets out of prison he decides to skip out on parole and enter a race so that he can clear his name and get the person who did the original crime to go to jail.

Overall the movie was interesting and although it did seem to go on a little too long I would definitely watch it again. I would rate this a 6.9 out of 10.

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