Apr 01

‘No Mercy’ #1 – Review

NoMercyCoverWritten by: Alex De Campi

Artwork by: Carla Speed McNeil

Colored by: Jenn Manley Lee

No Mercy is about a group of teens who go on a trip the summer before they start college to build schools in impoverished countries and to meet other teens who will be in the freshman class with them.

However things go horribly awry when the bus they are traveling in loses a tire and rolls down a cliff. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, bruised, battered, some gravely injured they must now work together to survive the wilderness.

This issue is a fair introduction to the kids and the adults that the story will revolve around. As long as giving putting a little intrigue into it. I walked away from the issue wondering a little about the nuns past and I hope, though it probably won’t end up this way, that she is secretly a cannibal and she starts eating the kids while they are trapped in the desert.

The artwork is good and helps bring what I feel is a little realism to teh story because of the way it is drawn. At a cover price of $2.99 this book is worth picking up and checking out.

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Image Comics provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment

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