Jul 06

‘Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen’ #3 – Review (Spoiler Free)

STK673599Story by: Joe Brusha & Jeff Massey

Written by: Jeff Massey & Kristin Massey

Artwork by: Antonio Bifulco

Colors by: Hedwin Zaldivar

Lettered by: Ghost Glyph Studios

In the story up to this point the King of Oz was killed by someone, it is suggested that Dorothy did it by the Scarecrow but she used magic to change his memory, which makes her look a little more guilty to the readers.

Dorothy is then crowned the Queen of OZ, and she must decide what to do about the Warlord.

This issue doesn’t have a huge amount of action until the end. They spend most of the issue planning how to take down Warlord and Zamora. They end up coming up with a decent plan and try to implement it.

Are they able to spring the trap? Does their plan work? To find out you need to pick up this issue on the 8th of July at your nearest establishment that sells comic books. It will be worth it, in my opinion especially if you have been reading the series. No need to give up now this is a fucking great book.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a copy of the issue to Geek Life Entertainment.

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