Jun 29

‘Robyn Hood’ #12 – Review

Robyn Hood 12Written by: Pat Shand

Artwork by: Roberta Ingranata

Colors by: Slamet Mujiono

Letters by: Jim Campbell

Cover A Artwork by: Ken Lashley & Wes Hartman

This Wednesday issue 12 of Zenescope Entertainment’s on-going series “Robyn Hood” will be hitting shelves.

The issue follows Robyn and Marion trying to figure out how to cure the Rotter. Robyn visits some of the Rotter’s old pals while Marion visits some fellow witches to find out more about the curse that makes the Rotter live forever while his body decays.

The story is an excellent read with a little back story of the Rotter’s life. We also find out how and why he was cursed to live as someone whose body decays. Does Robyn and Marion find a way to help the Rotter? Well to find out you should pick up a copy of this book on Wednesday.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a copy of the issue to Geek Life Entertainment.

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