Jul 26

‘Scream’ the Television Series – Review of the First 4 Episodes

Scream_TV_logoAt the end of June MTV began running the television series “Scream” which is part of the franchise of the same name. The movies followed Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and those close to her.

The series however takes place in a different town, with different people altogether.

Backstory: 20 years before the show takes place, a guy with a messed up face goes on a murderous rampage. Ending when the woman he likes sets him up so the cops can take him down.

Mainstory: The series takes place in the present day following a group of high school kids and their parents as a killer rages around town. It all begins with a video that goes viral on social media of two girls kissing in a car.

One of the people behind the video, a girl named Nina, is murdered at her house during the opening scene of the pilot. She is the first on-screen casualty/death on the show (even though the first actual death is of a guy named Tyler who had brought Nina home. His head, which is severed from his body, is thrown into the hot tub with Nina while she is texting with someone she believes is Tyler).

And that is how the series kicks off. A murder of a popular girl sets off the events for the series and brings with it the eerie similarities of a previous killing spree.

latestOver the course of these first four episodes we find out many things that connect the previous killings with the currents ones. One such revelation is that the girl that the killer is obsessed with in the murders from 20 years ago is the mother of one of the girls, named Emma, who is one of the main if not the main character of the series.

Emma is the Sidney of the new series. We also have the “film geek”, Noah, who tells us about the “rules” of movies like Randy did in the films.

Thoughts: I didn’t think I would like this show, and I wondered how they were going to turn a movie like Scream into a television series. But I like how they stepped away from the story of the films and started a new mythos (so to speak) with a new killer and backstory. They also are doing it in a way you cannot figure out who the killer is (at least not yet).

It is nice to see they are trying to make it more of a thriller than a slasher, which I commend MTV and the producers for. I think this series is definitely one you should check out if you have not done so already.

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