Jul 18

‘Sevara’ #1 Review – May Contain Spoilers

sevara1Written & Created by: Damian Wampler

Artwork by: Andre Siregar

Colored by: Anang Setyawan

Lettered by: Steve Wands

Cover by: Joshua Chinsky

Sevara is a comic book published by Broken Icon Comics and created by Damian Wampler. Issue #1 follows the escape of slave girl who meets Sevara.

It takes place on Earth in the distant future. A future that, as described by the comic creator, that is so distant it looks like Earth’s past.

This being the first issue I am not quite familiar with everything that has happened (I still have to read Issue #0 and I just noticed there is a novel set in the Sevara Universe). From what I have women do not have names and part of the culture forces them to have a husband so they can breed.

Issue #1 introduces a lot, giving us a lot of information in the first 24 pages of this tale so there hasn’t been a lot of character development and do not yet have any kind of connection with any character. However I am giving this series a chance and will be reading Issue #2 soon, so look for that review in the next week or so.

Do I think you should get this book? Yeah, it introduces the world and the artwork is phenomenal. The storytelling is good so far and after this initial barrage of information we should get more involved with the characters.

You can purchase Issue #1 right now on Comixology for 99 cents.

Damian Wampler provided a copy of the issue to Geek Life Entertainment.