Oct 26

‘The Book of Mormon’ – Review

Picture from "The Book of Mormon" website.

Picture from “The Book of Mormon” website.

Recently, on a trip to New York, I checked out the Broadway Musical “The Book of Mormon” which was created by Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Robert Lopez.

Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, played by Matt Doyle and Cody Jamison Strand, are Mormons who “graduate” from the Latter Day Saints Training Center and sent to Uganda to be missionaries there. When they get to Uganda they are robbed at gun point and have their luggage stolen by people who work for the warlord General Butt-Fucking-Naked.

They then meet village chief, Mafala Hatimbi, and some of the other villagers who tell the two Elders how they deal with life in such horrible conditions. The way they deal with it is by the mantra they live by, “hasa diga eebowai.” Hatimbi’s daughter,Nabulungi, shows the two missionaries to their living quarters where they meet a few fellow missionaries that had been assigned their previously.

The next day Elder Price and Elder Cunningham go into the village to try recruiting people to the Mormon faith. The villagers however have no interest in it, but while they are there the General shows up demanding all women in the village be circumcised by weeks end. When one of the villagers protest the General shoots him in the head, the blood splatters on Elder Price.

When they get back to where they are staying with the other LDS members Price freaks out a little due to the blood and decides to ask for a transfer to Orlando. Cunningham tells him he will follow him anywhere (since they are partners and are not supposed to leave each others side) and Price basically tells him to get lost because he plans on getting the transfer and getting away from Cunningham.

After Price walks off Nabulungi shows up and tells Cunningham that she convinced the villagers to listen to them so Cunningham finds the courage to talk to them. This is the point the show has intermission.

After the intermission we are back in the village with Cunningham trying to get the villagers to become LDS members but they soon grow bored with him and begin to leave. However Cunningham then starts mixing the parts of the Book of Mormon he knows (He never read it all and states in the first half of the play he found it boring which is why he stopped reading it.) with bits of Science Fiction which makes the villagers listen.

Eventually they all decide to become baptized in the Mormon faith. So all the Mormon missionaries and all the villagers gather so the villagers can get baptized. After the baptism the Mormon leaders decide to come to the village to congratulate the missionaries, by this time Price has returned. During the ceremony that the Mormons are having honoring the missionaries the villagers show up to honor the Mormon leaders by performing the story of Joseph Smith, the American Moses.

After the performance the Mormon leaders are appalled by it and tell the missionaries they are going home, they then tell the villagers they are not Mormons. Cunningham is distressed because Nabulungi is mad at him (he has a bit of a crush on her), meanwhile Price has an epiphany. He realizes that though scriptures are important what is more important is using religion to help people, which Cunningham did. Cunningham and Price become friends again and rush to the village.

During this time at the village Nabulungi starts to tell the villagers that Cunningham was an idiot but instead tells them he was eaten by a lion. The General is there and Nabulungi starts to submit to his demands telling the villager that there is no real paradise from the stories. To which they tell her they know, that the stories were metaphors. This is when Price and Cunningham show up, the villagers gasp thinking Cunningham has risen from the dead after being eaten by a lion, and they scare the General away by telling him that if he does not leave then God will turn him into a lesbian. The General leaves.

Price convinces the rest of the excommunicated missionaries to stay there with him and Cunningham to create a “paradise” with their new followers.

This play was fantastic. It was the first play I have seen live on Broadway in a while and it was well worth the price of a ticket to see it. The songs are good and the play itself is quite funny. If you get out to New York sometime and want to see a great play this would be the one to see. Below I will post some of the songs from the musical so you can check it out.

Have you seen the play? If so let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

  • I have heard some of the songs on this soundtrack. I have to say my favorite so far is Hasa Deeba Eebowaii.

  • Film Aficionado

    Yes the soundtrack is awesome. I have been thinking about seeing the Spider-Man play on Broadway but don’t think I will get there before the show closes. But I heard they might do a revamped version in Vegas in 2015.