Jan 30

‘The Disease’ – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

the_disease_coverWriter – James Mulholland.
Art – Daniel Romero
Cover – Daniel Romero and Armand Jasmin
Letterer – Micah Myers


An elder man, GERRY, wakes up in the attic of his Irish countryside house. But when his family isn’t around, he wanders outside his house into an Irish town, where the unknown is awaiting him.


“The Disease” is a book that, in my opinion, could be a tale from the “The Walking Dead” Universe. A one-shot book taking place away from the core characters.

I enjoy the way James took this comic in a different direction than one usually does when creating a zombie comic book. I am hoping he creates more in this “Disease” universe of his perhaps focusing on the secondary character in this one-shot.

The story starts out a little slow with Gerry finding himself in his attic but quickly picks up pace. Another thing I like is even though this is a one-shot James develops the character of Gerry so you can feel his pain and anguish when he does certain things in the book.

The artwork of the book I am not thrilled with, but that is my own personal taste and not something that should effect anyone’s decision to purchase it.

You can find this book available to purchase in the links below.