Jun 11

The End is Nigh, Crystal Pepsi is Returning?

As everyone on undoubtedly knows by now Pepsi is thinking of bringing back Crystal Pepsi thanks, in part to, Kevin Strahle. This guy is a popular YouTube personality who does food related challenges such as The Pineapple Challenge and Eating a Ghost Chili Pepper.

This genius begged his Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers to try to get #BringBackCrystalPEPSI trending on the internet. Evidently after 33,000+ people “signed” a petition on Change.org, Pepsi sent Strahle the letter below.

Pepsi's_letter_to_L.A._Beast_teasing_the_release_of_Crystal_Pepsi,_June_8,_2015From the letter (which has been declared authentic by someone working at Pepsi) everyone is assuming it means they are bringing back this drink.

I really hope when Pepsi says, “…you’ll all be happy with what’s in store.” they just mean they have some cool shit planned for Pepsi and not that they are bringing back Crystal Pepsi. For the love of all that is holy please don’t bring back this atrocious tasting bag of bile.

I really believe that nostalgia is getting the better of people here because this was not a good soda. Even the creator of the soda said in an interview that happened in October 2007 with the magazine Fast Company David Novak stated:

cpIf even the creator of the soft drink can admit it tasted like monkey excrement why can’t we. We should be asking Pepsi to bring back something like Pepsi Blue or one of the various flavors of Mountain Dew which were discontinued. All of which were far superior to Crystal Pepsi.

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