Sep 20

‘The Evil of Oz’ – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

the_evil_of_oz_coverWritten by Ryan Fuller
Art by Sanjana Baijnath
Letters by Jaymes Reed

Story: The plot of this graphic novel follows Dorothy Gale returning to Oz after finding her aunt and uncle had been killed by someone with an axe. When she gets to Oz she sets out to find the killer or killers and try to get her revenge.

Thoughts: First off the art in this book is great. Sanjanna captures a dark version of Oz outstandingly. Just about any panel in the book would be a great print to hang on the wall.

The story Ryan tells in this book had me hooked and I read the book without feeling that the pace was slow at any time.

If you like dark, twisted stories and/or seeing different takes of well known pieces of literature then grab a copy of this. You will not be sorry. The book is for sale digitally on the internet or you can get a printed copy from Amazon for $20.

I would love to see this tale adapted sometime in the future to see as a movie. I really think it would do well as a film. So in conclusion all I have to say is definitely go check out this book, I do not think you will be sorry.