Aug 25

‘The Infernal Pact’ Kickstarter Goes Live

The Infernal Pact
From the mind behind the independent comic “The Calamitous Black Devils” and the short film “Acrylic Midnight” comes “The Infernal Pact.”

Earlier today Joseph Schmalke started a Kickstarter campaign for his new comic mini-series “The Infernal Pact.” The premise of the series is about three meth addicts who make a deal with the devil while trying to score. Then upon realizing they actually sold their souls they try to break the contract.

A few rewards (at various levels of contributions) he has for backers of his campaign are:

  • A Tijuana Bible: A companion book to the Infernal Pact. This eight page palm-sized obscene comic strip is featured in issue #2 and will be printed in limited quantity. Every Tijuana bible will be signed and numbered.
  • Kickstarer Exclusive Cover: This super limited edition cover will only be available during this campaign.
  • Original Artwork from the book: You can get an original page of the Infernal Pact.
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Print: This print will only be available during this campaign and printed in limited quantity.
  • BE IN THE BOOK: There are several options available to be in the Infernal Pact.
  • Stephen B Scott Cover: The original cover art for issue #2!
  • Charles Paul Wilson III Cover: The original cover art for issue #3!

When Joseph reaches his goal on the campaign he has lined up two incredible guest artists to do covers for issues #2 and #3 of the comic.

If you have not seen Joe’s work before you can purchase his previous comic from Broken Icon Comics web store or check out his website.