May 28

The Nerd Machine and IGN Partner to Bring Nerd HQ 2015 to The Masses

Yesterday The Nerd Machine and IGN announced their partnership to for this year’s Nerd HQ in San Diego. IGN will be streaming the “Conversations For A Cause” on their site and on YouTube.

Nerd HQ’s venue will be the New Children’s Museum in San Diego. A 35,000 square foot, 3 story building that will have loads of geeky/nerdy enjoyment crammed into it. The tickets for the “Conversations For A Cause” will cost $22 and all funds raised through the panels will be donated to the charity Operation Smile.

Here is the video that was posted on IGN and The Nerd Machine announcing this years Nerd HQ.

This event takes place in San Diego during Comic Con and the venue is close by. Admission into the venue at Nerd HQ is free.


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