Dec 10

‘The Sixth Gun’ #45 – Review

The Sixth Gun 45“The Sixth Gun” is a book published by Oni Press and created by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt. It is classified as being in the genre Weird Western.

For those who have not read any of this great series it is about 6 pistols which have powers. Whoever has one of the pistols will have the ability that is imbued to that gun, and is tied to that pistol until he or she dies.

Issue #45 hit newsstands on December 3, 2014 and is part 4 of the “Hell and High Water” story arc.

With the aid of Screaming Crow and the Thunderbirds he has raised Becky and Drake attack Griselda hoping they keep her from breaking the Seal to the Underworld using the power of the six.

However they realize they have only interrupted the ritual and Griselda still plans on rewriting reality as soon as she is able to. The sacrifice’s have been made and Griselda is on the run or is she?

Do they keep Griselda from breaking the seal? Are they able to vanquish her? To answer these questions you definitely need to get a copy of the issues from this story arc.

It is a great story and you will be happy that you have given it a chance when you check it out.

Oni Press provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment.