Oct 01

‘Thor’ #1 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

Thor 1
Today I picked up a copy of the new “Thor” series. The new series is written by Jason Aaron with artwork by Russell Dauterman. The story starts with a submarine searching the ocean floor for a reason for strange reading they were having at an underwater base.

What they find are frost giants who destroy the sub and then start destroying the underwater base. Before the base is totally destroyed Malekith appears before a couple of the workers to see if they knew where he could find an object of great importance.

Meanwhile the people of Asgard are watching Thor try to pick up Mjolnir, when Odin arrives back from his sabatical to see what is happening. Freyja briefly tells him what happened during the “Original Sin” storyline.

Odin’s ravens show up to tell him the Frost giants are attacking Midgard (Earth) and Odin tells everyone to go back home to Asgard, while Freyja tells them to help Earth. The Asgardians are a little confused and do nothing but Thor announces that he is going to help his home. He goes to the Asgard weapons vault and the next time you see him he is riding a goat and Malekith laughs at him a little bit, taunting him over the loss of Mjolnir.

The book ends withan unknown woman picking up Mjolnir to wield the power of Thor. The artwork was nice in the comic, the story however was rushed and a bit boring in my opinion. Should you pick up this issue? If you are a collector of first appearances then I say yes because it is the first look of the female Thor.

I will however give the series a couple more issues to see if it gets better before I give up on it. What did you think of the issue? Who do you think is now using the power of Thor? Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the book.

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