Nov 13

Top Ten Statues to Get Comic Enthusiasts for Christmas

The following ten items are the top statues/busts you can order your favorite comic enthusiast/collector for Christmas. We have included links, using our affiliate code, to Entertainment Earth to purchase them but I am sure most comic book stores will order them for you if they don’t already have them on hand.

10. DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn Statue
Harley Quinn Bombshells Statue

9. DC Comics Super Heroes Jim Lee Green Arrow Bust
Jim Lee's Green Arrow Bust

8. Star Wars Mara Jade Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue
Mara Jade Star Wars 1:7

7. Avengers Hulk Classic Fine Art Statue
The Hulk Statue

6. Lady Death II Femme Fatales Statue
Lady Death Statue

5. X-Force Psylocke 12-Inch Statue
Psylocke Statue

4. DC Comics Cover Girls Batwoman Statue
Batwoman Statue

3. X-Men Rogue Modern 17 1/2-Inch Statue
Rogue Statue

2. Cover Girls of the DC Universe New 52 Poison Ivy Statue
Poison Ivy Statue

1. Superman and Wonder Woman The Kiss Jim Lee Statue
Superman and Wonder Woman

  • Film Aficionado

    I like the Superman/Wonder Woman one the best and if anyone wants to buy it for me then that would be great.