Jan 08

Trico Films Announces its New Project Called “The Dragon Prince”

January 8, 2014 – Trico Films announces its new project titled, “The Dragon Prince.” The project is being written by Michael Chase Walker, the producer of “The Last Unicorn” and a former Creative Affairs Director at Rankin/Bass Productions, it will be produced and directed by Jesse Stipek. The music will be written, arranged, and conducted by Emmy Award-winning film and television composer Carl Johnson. With the music performed by members of the Seattle Symphony.

A Kickstarter will be done starting in February to help fund the short film which has a tentative release of December 2014. One of the perks for the Kickstarter campaign is newly designed DVD sleeves for peoples copies of “The Flight of Dragons,” specially signed by writer Jeffrey Walker, composer Maury Laws, and art designer Wayne Anderson.

The short film will then be used to help get the feature film made. As of right now no actors have been announced but most of the people from Jesse Stipek’s previous project, a live-action remake of “The Flight of Dragons,” have come aboard this project. There will also be audition instructions on the official Facebook page for “The Dragon Prince” which will be up later this month.

To contact Jesse Stipek for general inquiries and/or press information, you may email him directly at jesse@tricofilms.com